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Year 6

By Adela

By Arin

Welcome to the Year 6 Home Learning Page. 


You can find the home learning offer online on Google Classroom.  You will have access to the work via a 'Google Slides' document, video links and some corresponding activities on 'Google Docs'. You child will be able to ask their teacher questions in the comments section of each activity.


You can also find online activities on purple mash which your child also has a log in for.


Your child should already have their log ins, however if you are unable to find it then please contact the class teacher using the address below.


If you are asked for the class code when you log in, contact your class teacher on the address below and they can send the link to you.


If you have any questions about the learning, you can email your class teacher at:

- Ms Moss at

- Ms Asante at

Please click 'sign in' on the top right of the screen and then 'Google Classroom' where you will be prompted to sign in with their email address and password log in details. If you are already logged in with another account, you can click the down arrow next to your current log in and then 'use another account' where you can sign in with your child's details. Alternatively, you can download a 'Google Classroom' app on both apple and android devices. 


If you are having difficulty writing on documents when using a phone or tablet, it is because you do not have the app 'Google docs'. If you can, please download this as your child will then be able to view the document in a similar way to 'Microsoft Word'. Without this app, you phone or tablet will open the file as a pdf.

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