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Attendance and Punctuality


At Henry Green Primary School, we want our children to be successful at school and achieve to the highest levels, to do this they must attend school regularly.


It is very important that your child arrives at school on time, for all year groups apart from nursery the school day starts at 8.40am; however, the school doors will stay open until 8.50am. All children arriving after 8.50 am must report to the office where their parent/carer must provide an explanation as to why they are late.

Absence from school can only usually be justified when your child is ill. Family holidays, outings and, where possible, medical and dental appointments must be arranged out of school time. See documents – Is my child too ill for school and Reasons not to keep your child off school.


If, for any reason, your child is late or absent, a message or letter must be given to the school office explaining the reason for the absence/lateness. If you know your child will be absent, a telephone call before 9:00 am will prevent a phone call home being made.  If you do not contact the school to report your child’s absence or the school has not been able to contact the parents regarding the reason for absence, then the child will be marked as an unauthorised absence.  Please see our school attendance policy for further information.


Children should be collected at 3:20pm. If your normal collection arrangements fail, please telephone to let us know before the end of school as some children feel very anxious when they are not collected on time.

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