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What is sustainability?

A simple definition of sustainability is - providing for the best for people and the environment both now and in the future.


This is more than just recycling...

- We need to think about the way we travel - using the car less to reduce pollution.

- Saving energy at home by switching off electrical items when they aren't needed.

- Making sure that wildlife including animals, sea life, insects and plants are kept safe from dangers like litter.

- Conserving water by turning the tap off when we brush our teeth, or taking a shower instead of a bath.

- Living a healthy life by eating well, exercising and recognising good mental health

- Reducing waste by donating clothes or toys to others, shopping less and choosing items with less plastic.

- Keeping our world tidy by disposing of rubbish safely and not littering.

- Being good global citizens and understanding that we all have the same rights.


These are just some ways that we can become more sustainable. To learn more, please have a look at the 'How to be Eco-friendly' Powerpoint below from Twinkl and other links...




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