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What is sustainability?

A simple definition of sustainability is - providing for the best for people and the environment both now and in the future.


This is more than just recycling...

- We need to think about the way we travel - using the car less to reduce pollution.

- Saving energy at home by switching off electrical items when they aren't needed.

- Making sure that wildlife including animals, sea life, insects and plants are kept safe from dangers like litter.

- Conserving water by turning the tap off when we brush our teeth, or taking a shower instead of a bath.

- Living a healthy life by eating well, exercising and recognising good mental health

- Reducing waste by donating clothes or toys to others, shopping less and choosing items with less plastic.

- Keeping our world tidy by disposing of rubbish safely and not littering.

- Being good global citizens and understanding that we all have the same rights.


The United Nations Sustainable development Goals were adopted in 2015 with an aim to achieve, or have made significant progress towards these goals by 2030. 


These are just some ways that we can become more sustainable. To learn more, please have a look at the 'How to be Eco-friendly' Powerpoint below from Twinkl and other links...


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