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Welcome to the 'Green team' sustainability blog!

Here you will find all the latest news on our sustainability projects, learning and ideas!


23rd September 2020

There has been a big impact from Covid-19 on the environment. Many people are using disposable plastic gloves and masks to help protect themselves, and you may have noticed some of these items are also being thrown on the floor, causing more litter! How can we help? By choosing to buy or make face masks from fabric (cotton is best) these can be washed and reused again and again. You can keep your hands clean by regular washing using soap and water, or when you are out and about you can also you hand sanitiser!


12th September 2020

Are you taking part in the Great British September Clean? Over the next 2 weeks, all around the country you will see extra litter pickers, taking care of the local area - you can do your bit too. Visit to find out more!


3rd September 2020

Welcome back! We are really looking forward to make more sustainable changes in school this year and learning all about the 10 eco topics. Watch out for news and challenges here on the green team blog!


17th July 2020

Today is the end of the school year, it has been a very unexpected ending and many things have happened differently to normal. Keep being sustainable at home, and I look forward to hearing all about the 'green' things that you have been doing at home in September!


We are so lucky that the Barking and Dagenham councillors understand how important learning about sustainability and leading sustainable lives is. They had planned a wonderful series of events called 'Wild, Free, LBBD' for this summer which now sadly can't happen because of social distancing. But do not worry! Because they have instead launched the 'Wild, Free, LBBD' nature photography competition! Get outside into the wild and take some photographs, this competition is open to everyone, children and adults - and there are many exciting prizes to be won! Details below!


















14th July 2020

Ms. Gentry has been busy with help from some other staff and pupils, to create our very own Henry Green BUG HOTEL! Using all recycled materials that may have ended up in landfill, we have created a safe and exciting home for many insects to live and thrive. It is so important that we protect insects, especially bees and butterflies as they help to pollinate our crops of fruit and vegetables. Without them, we would not be able to grow enough food! Make sure you keep an eye out next time you walk past the Reception classrooms, and see if you can spot the Bug hotel in our new secret garden!






















30th June 2020

In EYFS, the Nursery and Reception bubbles have been completing 'Random acts of wildness' for the past 30 days! Today they were awarded their certificates, take a look at the galleries on the sustainability page to see some of the wild activities they took part in both at school and at home!


25th June 2020

It's nearly the end of the Wildlife trusts #30dayswild - If you took part in some wild activities, don't forget to print off your certificate! Just because the event is almost over doesn't mean that we should stop having our 'random act of wildness'. There are lots of wild activities that you can do on the 'home learning' section of the sustainability page, spending sometime outside every day is not only good for our body, but also for our mind!

















10th June 2020

We are 10 days in to the wildlife trusts #30dayswild - so far I have seen children admiring the clouds, growing and smelling fresh herbs, walking barefoot on the grass, making bird feeders from recycled bottles, reading and drawing outside, playing nature bingo and more. Please keep sharing your ideas with us and keep it wild through June!

















8th June 2020

Today is 'World Ocean Day' - think about how we can protect our magnificent ocean. Recycle, buy re-usable bottles and packaging - try to create a collage of the ocean using some recycled materials eg. crisp packets, plastics, old magazines, bottle lids... then do some research about the ocean and add an important message to your collage. Today in Reception, the children are reading the story 'Tiddler the storytelling fish' and they will be watching the incredible short film 'Snail and the whale' on BBC iPlayer to learn a little about life in the ocean

















5th June 2020

See what children are saying about world environment day on CBBC Newsround, what would your message to world leaders be?


5th June 2020

Today is world environment day - Ms. Gentry launched a competition to create a school poster about litter, the winner was Jaimey from Jade class, who is a current representative for Reception on the 'Green team'. We loved her message "Please put your rubbish in the right colour bin. Henry Green Primary School!" Well done! Don't forget, we would love to see some of your #30dayswild activities, photographs or learning too.

Have a wonderfully sustainable day!

1st June 2020

Today is the start of the incredible Wildlife trusts '30 days wild' - where you are all invited to experience a random act of wildness for each day through the month of June. These could be standing barefoot in the grass, listening for wild sounds, reading a book about nature, eating a meal outside, drawing a plant or insect, making a bug hotel, planting a seed, smelling a herb, watching the clouds.. the list is endless! You can download the free 30 days wild app for ideas, or head to the website www.wildlifetrusts/30dayswild for a free printable pack of goodies! Enjoy a little moment of wild every day, and please share your pictures with us too #30dayswild



25th May 2020

Exciting news! This week as part of the weekly whole school challenge you will see there is a sustainability 'design a poster' competition. Leading up to 'World environment day' on June 5th, we would love to see your posters about littering - email your posters to your teachers and Ms Gentry will choose one to be featured at the top of our sustainability page! The winner will be announced on Friday 5th June!

















20th May 2020

Today we launch our new Sustainability page on the Henry Green website! You will be able to see our progress to become an Eco school, revisit past projects in the galleries, explore new home learning activities and keep up to date with all the latest news! Keep living your best 'green' life - Ms Gentry smiley

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