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Below are 4 RE lessons for you to complete. We are looking at religion in the local community.


Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

What are the functions of religions, buildings and places?


Look at the different places of worship you might find in your local area. You can google places yourself or use this website to help you:

What is the purpose of religious buildings? Can you list different activities that go on within a religious building?


Activity: Create a street that includes all the different religious buildings (draw them, cut and stick them on), label them and describe what goes on in them.




What evidence can I find of religions in the neighbourhood helping others?

Investigate how different religions help out in the community, what do they do to help in the community in times of crisis?


Are the religions similar? How are they different?


Activity: Create a poster showing the similarities and differences between all the religions.

When were the religious buildings in my area built?


This week we would like you to research the religious buildings in the area and find out information about them.


When were they built?

Were they a different building before they became a religious building? (for example, a Mosque in Barking used to be a Synagogue and a Mosque in Newham used to be a banana warehouse).

How many people go to these buildings?

What did they used to look like?

How have they changed?


Activity:  Create a presentation providing information about your research. It is up to you how you present it – Powerpoint, video, poster, booklet

End of unit Assessment


What have you learnt about religions and their role in the local community?


It is up to you how you present this information. Here are some ideas –

*Design a new community centre where different religions can meet and use.

*Design a wall hanging or series of paintings to represent the religious traditions in the neighbourhood

*Create a display of photos and writing about religious traditions in the neighbourhood

*Write a poem, song or rap about the religion in your neighbourhood.

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