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Race and Social Justice (RSJ)

We are proud that Barking and Dagenham is one of London’s most diverse boroughs. We are determined that all our young people, particularly the most disadvantaged, should have the best possible start in life.

We believe that:

Childrens’ experience of school, educational outcomes and life chances must not be adversely impacted by ethnic background or racial group. The staff and leadership of our schools and borough must fully reflect our diversity. Schools’ curriculum must reflect and celebrate the diversity of our borough.

Henry Green Primary School RSJ Statement

Our aim

We believe that every young person who attends our school regardless of their background or start in life has the opportunity to be successful.

Why is it important?

To be open, to learn and appreciate the diverse community and country that we live in. To have the confidence and maturity to be able to discuss, listen and understand about different cultures. To engage with positive role models and to develop a healthy curiosity for our multicultural society.

Intended impact

Through our RSJ programme, we aim to deliver an education and experiences that will enable our young people to become positive, open minded members of our society. We aim to produce young people who are knowledgeable about diversity and how this should be championed. To set high expectations for themselves, with no barriers to what they can achieve regardless of their ethnicity or start in life.

Going forward

This is a programme which we wish to embed into the culture of the school and the curriculum taught by all teachers. We will work in collaboration with your school parliament to develop our approach. To ensure the young people have a variety of experiences to participate in.



Henry Green Primary are committed to the Race and Social Justice Charter




Article 2

(non-discrimination) The Convention applies to every child without discrimination, whatever their ethnicity, sex, religion, language, abilities or any other status, whatever they think or say, whatever their family background.

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