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Weekly Challenge

Hello pupils and parents smiley


Welcome to our school's Weekly Challenge page laugh Our teachers are missing our pupils very much, so we all wanted to find a way to keep the spirit of our school alive during this difficult moment in time. How will we do that, we hear you ask?! The answer to that is.....a weekly challenge! 


Each week, our subject leaders will be setting a challenge related to their subject which the pupils will be able to complete while at home. To enter, all you need to do is video or photograph your child's attempt at a challenge of their's as simple as that! Pupils can complete as many of the weekly challenges as they like....who thinks that they will be able to do them all?


You will be able to send your challenge pictures to your child's class teacher and they will then be uploaded onto this page, and the school's Twitter page smiley


We can not wait to see all of your challenge attempts smiley



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