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Week 7: May 18th 2020

To Year 1,

It is another exciting week of Home Learning activities to keep you nice and engaged.

This week I have been using some meditation to help me to remain focused and calm. Meditation is the art of focusing on something (such as a picture, a sound, an object or one's own breathing) to encourage attention and awareness, as well as achieve a relaxed state of mind.

I take part in some online meditation every morning to start my day in a positive way. This helps me to feel focused and energised in everything I do. Also, if you feel a bit nervous or worried at the moment, meditation will help you to feel nice and relaxed. Meditation also helps us to be mindful, something we learnt during our MindUP sessions. Mindfulness means paying full attention to something, and with meditation, you will definitely be so zoned in that you forget about your external worries and stresses.
This is something I definitely recommend you give a go!


Stay safe and hopefully see you soon!
From Miss Cable:)




Peace Out Guided Relaxation for Kids

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