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Autumn 1

This year our home learning tasks will be shared on our Henry Green EYFS Youtube channel! Every Friday a new 'Weekend challenge' will be posted - see how many you can do!

Nursery and Reception half term challenge!

Half term challenge! Can you do some speaking and listening activities from the 'time together' booklet or 'small talk' website? See school website or early ...

EYFS virtual parent workshop - Early language

Welcome to our first virtual workshop! Learn more about how to encourage and support your children with their early language skills. Take a look at the Natio...

16.10.20 - Reception weekend challenge!

Let's practice our letter formation!

9.10.20 - Reception Weekend challenge

Can you tie a shoelace?

2.10.20 - Reception weekend challenge!

Can you practice writing your numbers from 0-9?

25.9.20 - Reception weekend challenge!

We are learning about the zones of regulation....
Can you complete the home learning challenge this weekend?

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