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Whole School Weekly Challlenge

Week 5 Weekly Challenge

Life Skills

Create a shopping list with your parents for the week. Add up all items on your list to establish the total bill. Can you find the same items cheaper anywhere else?


Using spaghetti, pencils, lollipops or twigs, which roman numerals can you make and what number do they represent?



Imagine a household item comes to life. What would it say?

Write a conversation between you and the household item. Remember to follow the rules of using inverted commas and to include adverbs and multi clause sentences to make it interesting.


Can you name 6 muscles and point to them while skipping?

How many attempts does it take you in order to be able to point to all 6?


Draw a rainbow and identify the names of the colours used in French.



This week's challenge is to create a biome. Click the link to find out what a biome is.

This can be done in a shoebox or as a picture. Think about what animals and plant are specific to that biome.


Have you ever played a game that was too hard, or the buttons didn't work, or other problems prevented you from having fun?

Design the home screen of an app for a game that you would like everyone to play.


Can you remember the school rules? Do you remember your class’ rules?

Design a poster to advertise your ‘Golden Rules’ for Home Learning. What rules do you think would be good? What would be the most important rules? Discuss your rules with your family.


Before the country went into lockdown, we were preparing to take part in a nationwide initiative called the Great Science Share -  about children communicating something that they have been investigating, starting with a question that they are interested in. To take part, follow the link below and share some science that you have enjoyed at home or at school.


Draw your own superhero with special powers. Write a short comic strip to accompany the story.


Create this board game at home (see the picture below).

Roll the dice and sound the word you land on. Who will finish the board first?


For world ocean day 2020, can you create a collage of the ocean using recycled materials eg: food packaging, bottle lids, plastic. Why is it important to keep our oceans clean?

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