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The seed to plate diaries

Day 1

Today we are planting our cress seeds. They are really tiny and brown, to help them grow we need to do a few things. First they need a safe home, I have chose to use an empty egg shell to grow my seeds in, but you could use a pot. Then we need to add something soft for the seeds to grow on - I have used soil, cotton wool and tissue paper in my egg shells. Now its time to sprinkle the seeds, then add a little water - not too much! And finally leave the seeds in a warm, sunny place like a window sill. We will look again tomorrow to see if there were any changes.


Day 2

Our seeds have started to swell, that means they have become a little bigger in their new warm, damp home. Some of the seeds have burst their skin open and a tiny shoot is poking out - this is called germination. Our seeds are growing really well, we will look and see if the shoots have grown longer tomorrow.


Day 3

Most of our seeds have germinated now, and the shoots are growing longer. Some tiny green leaves are already starting to appear! Soon we will be able to see some roots growing down, the roots allow the plant to drink the water. Luckily, our cress doesn't need any more water today because they still look nice and damp.


Day 4

Wow, lots of green leaves on our cress today, the stems are getting longer but still bent over and the roots are travelling further down into the soil/cotton. They still haven't fully grown, we need to make sure they stay in a sunny spot and today they need a little watering too.


Day 5 -

Look how straight our cress stems are now - you can see they are much taller where the stems have straightened up and even more leaves are poking out of the top. You might notice lots of small brown flakes on the leaves, these are just the shells of the seeds and they will drop off once the leaves are fully open.


Day 6 - 

Our cress is almost fully grown! It is even taller today and the leaves have opened right up, allowing the outer shell of the seeds to fall away. Tomorrow we will be able to eat the cress - lets give it a little water today so the cress drinks it up and gets extra juicy tomorrow!


Day 7 -

We did it, our cress is fully grown and now its time to taste. The cress has a peppery taste, a tiny bit spicy on your tongue. It goes really well with eggs in a sandwich or soft cheese. I am having mine with egg on seeded bread - delicious! Just be careful when you are snipping the cress with scissors! 


Can you remember how our seeds grew

A tiny seed, it sucked up the water and began to swell, split open and a tiny shoot poked out. This is called germination. Then the shoot grew taller and leaves appeared on top, while tiny white threads called roots started digging their way down into the soil. Soon we could clearly see dark green leaves at the top, a thin light green stem that grew so tall and strong white wiggly roots at the bottom, making sure the cress was strong in the ground and getting enough water. Well done everyone!


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